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We are a Bangalore based software company with an aim to provide cutting edge IT services. With our remarkable IT professionals we provide Cloud based Solutions, Software Development, BigData Solutions, Security Solutions, Consulting Service, Outsourcing, E-Commerce Service etc.


To be recognized as the industry leader driving modernization in IT services in India and the developing world and to be the centre of modern Research and Development in IT sector.


We aims to continuously improve IT services in India and developing markets and people leading to higher enablement of specialization in IT services thereby increasing the nation's economic activity and productivity.


Inclusive and sustainable development has been incorporated, together with resilient infrastructure and innovation. While appreciating the complexity of markets we aim to develop and deliver better services.


Our growth is primarily driven by catering to the increasing demand for software needs across all verticals. Expected to witness strong growth in IT industries and add to the development of the R&D sector.

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Our single-minded focus on product quality and service excellence has helped us garner the appreciation. INDSAC prides itself on continuous investment in research and development, so that its customers will have the most technically advanced and easy to use software on the market. The management's role at INDSAC is to empower employees to believe in the power of ideas. Helping clients from all spheres of work through innovative technology solutions are transforming global businesses - one relationship at a time.